The Individual ‘We’ Narrator

Mattia Gallotti and Raphael Lyne, ‘The Individual “We” Narrator’, British Journal of Aesthetics,

This essay sneaked out, without me quite realising, last month. It’s about what is evoked when a story is narrated by a ‘we’, and how this relates to work in psychology and philosophy wondering about what it might mean to say we can think ‘as as we’. This has been a topic on the blog from Day 1 — this post refers to Mattia’s work and made him get in touch — and has reappeared a few times since. It’s very pleasing to see it take shape like this.
      The full-circle-ness of this return-to-the-beginning is striking me a bit poignantly as I have not had the time to keep on top of the blog recently. It kept going for five years without becoming a struggle, but at the moment there never seems to be the right moment to think or write in this form. I’ve already said something like this, a few months ago, and it serves little purpose to re-announce a re-pausing, but it makes me feel like I am touching base with my blog-self, at least.

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