The Shepherd’s Calendar

The excellent website Journal•Lists is circulating The Shepherd’s Calendar in monthly instalments throughout 2016. Click here to find out more and subscribe to the circulation list.

The text circulated by Journal•Lists is that edited and published by John Taylor in 1827. For scholarly purposes readers are encouraged to consult Tim Chilcott’s parallel-text edition (Carcanet, 2006) which places Clare’s ‘original’ text alongside the 1827 edition. The standard scholarly edition is in Volume 1 of Poems of the Middle Period, 1822-1837, edited by Eric Robinson, David Powell, and P. M. S. Dawson (OUP, 1996). The text of the entire volume (which extends beyond the monthly poems), along with the other volumes published in Clare’s lifetime, has been very helpfully presented online by Simon Sanada.

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