CFP (17 April): Darkness and Illumination

Medieval and Early Modern Student Association postgraduate conference: Darkness and Illumination: the Pursuit of Knowledge in the Medieval and Early Modern World, 15-17 July 2015

The pursuit of knowledge has had an essential and constant influence upon the shaping of society. The means of its acquisition, interpretation, and dissemination informs the way in which people interact with the world around them, forming religious and cultural identities, scientific knowledge and gender roles among other things. This was as much true in the past as it is today.

This year’s Medieval and Early Modern Student Association conference will focus upon aspects of knowledge, learning, and control over information in the medieval and early modern periods and in doing so broaden perspectives not just about how people perceived their world, but also how they interpreted the past and the idea of progress. Click here to see the full conference poster: Memsa 2015 CFP.