Early Announcement: Romance in Medieval Britain (17-19 Aug 2016)

At the 14th Biennial Romance in Medieval Britain conference, held at the University of Bristol in April 2014, it was decided that the 15th Biennial Conference (2016) would be held outside of the British Isles for the first time.

It is now, therefore, my pleasure to make an early announcement of the date and location of the 2016 Romance in Medieval Britain Conference, which will be held at the Point Grey Campus of The University of British Columbia, in Vancouver, Canada, from the 17th – 19th August, 2016.

As many of you will know, the Biennial Romance in Medieval Britain conferences have concerned themselves with that diverse body of literature generally termed ‘Romance’ originating from, and/or circulating within, the British Isles during the medieval period. Its remit also includes the circulation of British romances on the continent, and the post-medieval influences of romance. All boundaries – temporal, linguistic, geographic, and generic – are flexible. As the 2016 conference will be held in Canada, we will be especially encouraging bi-lingual and multi-lingual approaches to Romance.

At this stage, this is merely a ‘hold this date’ announcement, and a full notification of the conference and a formal Call For Papers (both open and thematic streams) will be circulated in late 2015.