PERFORMANCE: ART-CRITIQUE-EXPERIMENT is a mutual undertaking by the University of Cambridge and the Drama Centre London, which is part of Central Saint Martins, a college of the University of the Arts London.

P:ACE is a collaborative investigation into the relationships that are revealed  between literary texts and the interpretation of these texts in the forms of music, choreography, theatre, film and associated arts of design. The aim is to create new work as well as to reflect critically upon past acts.

P:ACE is rooted in the pedagogical, epistemological and ontological positions that each of the founding institutions culturally assumes. The initiative is jointly funded by Cambridge and CSM/UAL. Together, they have produced workshops, seminars, conferences and convivia that collapse boundaries between the thought and the practice of performance. Events take place in alternation between the two universities, with activity in Cambridge centring around Robinson and Wolfson Colleges.

P:ACE is the latest expression of a productive dialogue between Robin Kirkpatrick and Michael Hrebeniak at Cambridge and Vladimir Mirodan at the Drama Centre. The exchange draws contributions from a wide range of staff, students and external practitioners.

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