Digital Archive Today

What possibilities and challenges does the digital age pose for the cultural archive? How do the portals through which we approach the text (tags, hyperlinks, indexes) change the nature of what we access? How can computational technologies not merely represent, but also remediate, large corpora or datasets. How might current and prospective projects distinguish themselves both from extant scholarly editions, and from the digital archives that constituted such a fundamental part of digital humanities work in the 1990s and 2000s?

The University of Cambridge will host a daylong colloquium entitled The Digital Archive Today to discuss these, and related, questions. The Digital Archive Today welcomes international scholars from a range of disciplinary backgrounds, in addition to computer scientists and artists. This event is also designed to celebrate the launch of the Tennysons archive, which digitises a number of manuscript materials relating to Alfred Lord Tennyson. The colloquium will be held on 6 March, from 10–5, in room GR-05, on the ground floor of the Faculty of English. A map is available here:,0.108448,18

Registration is free, but the limited number of places means that advance booking is strongly recommended. Coffee and lunch will be provided.