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45.1 (Spring-Summer 2015)

Editor's Choice

In this issue, Heather James makes a return appearance with her 2015 Hugh Maclean lecture, “The Problem of Poetry in The Faerie Queene, Book V.” 


A Catalogue of British Drama Brian Vickers

As Francis Bacon might have said, some books disappoint expectations, some fulfil them, and others far exceed them. This enterprise comes in the third category, or perhaps a fourth, so much does it surpass what we might have expected.  Read more …

The Universal Short Title Catalogue Carl Stahmer

Carl Stahmer reviews “one of the most ambitious digital projects yet to be attempted.” Read more …

Thoughts on Erotic Subjects Paul J. Hecht

First published in 2011, Melissa Sanchez’s Erotic Subjects: The Sexuality of Politics in Early Modern English Literature has been reissued in paperback. Paul Hecht takes a moment to reflect on the impact the book has had, especially, though not only, on his own work. Read more …

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