A-Level – Showcase

What are other students working on? This is your chance to see the best of other A-level students’ work – and to send us any work you’re particularly proud of.

These resources are here for you to compare your work and ideas with those of other students: they are not for you to download and present as your own work (on the off-chance that your teacher might believe you). Plagiarism
(taking other people’s work without acknowledging it) is a very serious offence, and can lead to exams or coursework being disqualified. For more information about plagiarism, see
this article.

Coleridge’s ‘The Rime of the Ancient Mariner’ – a powerpoint presentation by Sam and Phil from King Edward VIth school, Chelmsford
Wilfred Owen, ‘Exposure’ – a powerpoint presentation by Richard and James from King Edward VIth school, Chelmsford
Tudor Theatre and Tudor Playwrights – a powerpoint presentation by Claire from Hills Road 6th Form College, Cambridge