The Tutors

About our seminar tutors

Rachel Warrington

Rachel says, “I did a BA (3 year degree) in English at Cambridge. Over the three years I studied English literature from all the time periods between Chaucer in the 1300s and modern poetry and novels. I liked it so much that I came back for more! Last year I did an ‘MPhil’, a one year postgraduate course, in Renaissance Literature: this meant that I spent a whole year on literature written between about 1500 and 1700. I also learnt to read manuscripts – texts written by hand in really strange Renaissance handwriting – and did some of my own research, on the poet Sir Thomas Wyatt and his use of language.”

Next year Rachel will be training to become an English teacher. But until then, as well as teaching online seminars, Rachel is a chef at a London restaurant!

Sarah James

I came to Cambridge as a mature student, having spent several years working in corporate administration and contracts management. I wanted to study English because I loved reading more than anything else – and once I started at Cambridge, I knew it was the right choice! After my undergraduate degree I spent a year as a graduate student at Cornell University in the USA, before coming back to Cambridge to do an MPhil in Medieval Literature. I then spent a further three years doing a PhD, researching religious texts written in the fifteenth century. I now split my time between teaching medieval literature and language to undergraduates, and working for this project.

Harriet Truscott

Like Rachel, Harriet Truscott did a BA Undergraduate degree and then an M.Phil in English Literature at Cambridge. Harriet specialised in literature from the Restoration period (1660-1700), which she enjoys because it is mostly very silly. Harriet now runs the English Faculty’s outreach project, which she loves as it means she can spend all day talking about books.