This website has been created by a huge number of people who have unselfishly contributed their time, knowledge and effort. So many people have helped that some names are bound
to have been missed off this list – apologies to all those who are missing.


Maureen Alcorn [St Martin-in-the-Fields School, London], Jane Anthony [Burntwood School], Antonio Bellotti [The Sydney Russell School], Barry Cooper [Sawston Village College, Cambridgeshire], Sarah Calne
[Lynn Grove VA High School, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk], Roni Coggins [The Leventhorpe School], Jo Cross [Alperton Community College], Deborah Cox [La Retraite School], Madeleine Devitt [La Retraite RC Girls’ School, Lambeth, London], Nita d’Silva [Burntwood School], Lucy Edematie [St Saviours and St Olave’s], Ruth Green [Ealing and West London College], Jane Hollands [Thurston Community College, Suffolk], Sally Kay [City of Ely Community College, Cambridgeshire], Nicky Kemp [Biddenham Upper School], Judith Kneen [Dene Magna School, Gloucestershire], Eddie Konig [Sawston Village College, Cambridgeshire], Francesca Lebens [Beauchamp College, Leicester], Paula Lunn [Saffron Walden County High School], Nick Patterson [Bishop’s Stortford High School], Patrick John Quick [Thetford Sixth Form College], John Radford [All Saints Catholic School and¬† Technology College], Lisa Roberts [Crown Hills Community College], Murray Rowlands [Morley College], Anne Samson [Ealing, Hammersmith & West London College, London], Ronnie Thomas [Archbishop Tenison’s CE¬† School, London], Ruth Towers [Lynn Grove VA High School, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk], Homer Tull [Braintree College], Sara Tulk; Craig Morrison, Andrew Burn, Christine Hawkes, Nicole Tremblay, Jordan Vine and James Durran [all of Parkside Community College]


Ruby Bamber, Yolande Biosah, Leanne Buckingham, Joey Dean, Eliana Guedes, Stephanie Hibbert, Kayleigh Howard, Rosy McGuire, Marie McLellan, Paris-Nicole Phillips, Giles Philby, Jimmy Pratt, Oludele Taiwo, Emma Tindall and Reginald Valentine-Deniran, Ruby Woods

Cambridge English Faculty Members

Gavin Alexander, Philippa Berry, Sarah Cain, Jean Chothia, Stefan Collini, Tim Cribb, Eugene Giddens, Caroline Gonda, Jean Gooder, Eric Griffiths, Anne Henry, Raphael Lyne, Robert Macfarlane, Amy Morris, Subha Mukherji, Ralph O’Connor, Corinna Russell, Maartje Scheltens, James Simpson, John Stubbs

CARET members

Chris Applegate, Alex Donzel, Katharine Hartley, Sultan Kus, Tristan Last, Kathryn Lawrence, Jem Rashbass, Mark Stickley, Sushant Sund, John Uff, Mary Ulicsak,

University of Cambridge

Colin Baxter, Rosemary Butcher, Peter Goddard, Janet Graham, Julia Hawkins, Ted Krawec, Bob Lister, David Livesey, Paula Martin, Susan Stobbs, Sharon Warren

Helpful people

Stephen Grundy, Richard Kirby, Paul Marsden, Alex Pearson, Mike Sheridan, Janet Waters

The project has been co-ordinated by Colin Burrow, Claire Daunton
and Harriet Truscott. The website has been designed and created
by Christopher Burlinson, Sushant Sund and Harriet Truscott.