Help with Converse Resources

The Converse site makes good use of the Macromedia
Flash Plugin for its interactive resources.

To be able to use these resources and games the Flash Player will
have to be downloaded and installed on your computer.

This is free, very easy to do and takes about a minute to download.

Visit the
Plugin Page
and follow the instructions.

This will download and install the plugin on to your computer.
You are now ready to enjoy Converse.

What are PDF files?

Files in PDF format – they are usually identified by a ‘.pdf’ extension
in their name – are extremely useful for downloading and printing
documents from the web. To read and print them you will need a utility
or plug-in such as Adobe Acrobat Reader. This program is freely
available from the web and is also distributed widely on the free
CD’s attached to computing magazines.

get adobe reader

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Text only version

If you have difficulties reading the full-graphics version of the site, click on the link in the
top-right hand corner of the page to see a text only version. This will also be more suitable if you want to print out pages from the site.