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Research Interests:

Medieval literature: Piers Plowman, allegory, religious and devotional writing, the lyric, theories of image-use and idolatry, and the literary theory of the later Middle Ages, as well as Chaucer. My previous book on Piers Plowman explored the poem in relation to medieval theories of temptation, psychology and epistemology. My next project will be to look at the 'disruptive' allegorical traditions that lie behind the poem, but it will also lay out something of an alternative history of allegory. I continue to work on the literary and critical uses of medieval scholastic literary theory and the medieval lyric. A major future project concerns the medieval idol and the body.

Areas of Graduate Supervision:

Medieval English literature; Piers Plowman; the Middle English lyric; devotional writing and practice; pastoral writing; Old French and Middle English love literature, both narrative and lyric; medieval literary theory, commentary and allegory.


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