Bermudas Seminar

“A new view on a new world”

a seminar focusing on Andrew Marvell (1621-1678), comparing his poem ‘Bermudas’ with contemporary maps of the Bermuda Islands (for AS / A2 students)

This seminar was researched and taught by Rachel Warrington, Cambridge University.

Andrew Marvell is one of the best known poets of the 17th century. He studied at Cambridge University, and was a supporter
of the Parlimentarian (anti-Royalist) forces during the Civil Wars and Interregnum (i.e. after the execution of King Charles I and before
the restoration of King Charles II). You don’t need to know anything about Marvell or the 17th century to take part in this
seminar, though! The aim of this seminar is for you to read a poem and a style of literature which is completely new to you.

To recreate this online seminar for yourself, begin by reading the poem, ‘Bermudas’. Read it
slowly and think about what it means. Are there any words which you don’t understand? Are there parts of the poem you find
particularly interesting? Are there parts which you find very difficult to understand?

Once you’ve read the poem, listen to it if you can!

When you see the instructions to read to look at the accompanying map, do so.
Does this map change the way you think about the poem?

If you like, you can also read an undergraduate essay on this poem.

Read Rachel’s notes about writing an undergraduate essay.

Complete resource lists

Read the poem

Look at a contemporary map of the Bermudas.

Listen to a recording of the poem.

Read an undergraduate essay on the poem.