Poetry Anthology

These poems were written by primary aged students at three short poetry workshops with Richard Burns, aka ‘The Hatman’. Richard is
a well-known poet who also runs workshops for poets of all ages, from infants to grown-ups. Richard is well known in Cambridgeshire
schools, and lots of young fans brought along their parents to meet the Hatman.

The three workshops each took a different template and used it as a basis for the children’s creativity. As we wrote, we
remembered the two magic keys of poetry: that poetry is about having fun with language, and that poetry is about detail.

For more information about schools’ poetry workshops, please contact Richard Burns, at RichardBurns[@]

All the poems from the workshops are included below, in no particular order!.

This Poem

This poem flies at the speed of light from planet to planet.

This poem is like the pink panther running up and down.

This poem is called the enterprise and it shoots into black holes and flies through and beyond life.

This poem is like a black hole and it smashes through blazing comets.

This poem a blinding silver and glowing blue and blueish gold.

This poem is as extraordinary as a shining ruby.

This poem sparks all over the universe like a flickering candle.

George W, age 9 3/4

Etchells Primary School

An Alien

I met a space alien of green

in a black sky

I said “What is tastier than a snail?”

“What is more inventive than hats?”

“What is rainier than rain?”

What is more ridiculous than a baked potato?”

The space alien jumped up and hit me and then replied

” A toe is tastier than roast snail”

” Skin is more inventive than hats”

” Nothing is rainier than rain”

” You are more ridiculous than a baked potato”

Gwen Williams (Age 7)


My riddle from Space

I met a Snoggle on Saturn’s Rings

I said, “Why have you such a big nose?”

“What is more ugly than a pink dress?”

“What is more annoying than rain?”

“What is more valuable than my family?”

The Snoggle back-flipped and then replied

“I have a big nose because I am a snoggle”

“You are more ugly than a pink dress.”

“You are more annoying than rain.”

“I am more valuable than your family.”

Katherine Singh

My Riddle from Space

I met an apple on a star

I said, “O

What is blacker than an olive?

What is warmer than a t-shirt?

What is wetter than rain?

What is prettier than jewels?”

The apple jumped up in the air and then replied:


“Space,” he said, “is blacker than an olive.

A jumper is warmer than a t-shirt.

A wet sponge is wetter than a raindrop

Balloons are prettier than jewels.”

Emily Claughton


My Riddle from Space

I met a bubble in between the stars

I said,

“What is more disgusting than mushrooms?

What is more elegant than rough trousers?

What is more disappointing than a snow storm?

What is more precious than a bow and arrow?”

The bubble was drunk, and mad, and then replied

“Spinach is more disgusting than mushrooms.

A dress is more elegant than rough trousers.”



My Riddle from Space

I met an alien

Sitting on my sofa

I said

“What is more wonderful than chips?

What is warmer than your mother’s heart?

What shines more than raindrops in spring?

What is more glorious than a superhero’s costume?”

The alien extended his tentacles and then replied

“Microchips are more glorious than chips.

Hot oil is warmer than my mother’s heart.

My surface shines more than raindrops in spring.

Love is more glorious than a superhero’s costume.”

Deborah Singh

Salmon Fish Cake Ship

Go, ship,to the Planet Voinks

Go ,my ship, through time.

Go, my Salmon Fishcake ship, and fly to Squidgy Ketchup Land.

Take with you brown sauce and chips

Dance between the Planet Burger and Planet Chicken Nuggets.

Do not go near Planet Vegetables!

Never ever ever go near Planet Toothbrush!

But always eat chips with ketchup!

Dance my ship like a devilish dolphin in the ocean of the sky.

Eating healthy is not an option!

Eleanor Owen

Sacred Warrier

Go, ship, to the end of the world.

Go, my wonderful ship, through the edge of Mars.

Go, my sacred warrier and defeat the unknwon.

Take with you an extremely high-tec intergalactic sword.

Shoot higher than Paradise

Do not fight intergalactic cyber aliens

Never ever ever forget Planet Earth

By always defeat the unknown

Leap you noble leopard into the darkness of the jungle.

Shoaib, Cambridgeshire

Silver Lightning

Go, ship, to another Universe

Go, my fast ship, through the dangerous asteroid belt.

Go, Silver Lightning, and go into hyperspace.

Take with you weapons to fight and a RZ droid to fix.

Shoot through time where no-one has ever gone.

Do not fall asleep

Never ever ever lose your hope

But always fight with honour

Travel like a slick shark to another universe.

Never lose courage ever.

Beichen, Cambridgeshire

My Ketchup Rocket

Go, ship, to the Planet Zoink

Go, my sonic ship, through a wormhole

Go, my Ketchup Rocket, and explore the Fiery Ocean.

Hover beyond the known world.

Take with you some salt and pepper,

Do not eat gherkins.

Never ever ever taste tomato.

But always eat chips with mustard.

Dive like a hungry piranha into a sea of barbeque sauce.

Defeat is not an option!

Jack Owen


Go, ship, to the end of the end.

Go, my amazing ship, to the very end.

Go, my fat ship, and go fast, my fat ship.

Take very good things.

Zoom as high as you can into space.

Do not fall into the sea.

Never ever do that.

But always stay up

Don’t fall like I said.

Never ever sink

Zoom like a leopard very quick.

Afshan Sahid

Go, ship, to the top of the Universe.

Go, my brave ship, through the end of time.

Go, my brave champion, and sorcer the universe.

Take with you the whole of the world.

Float beyond the freezing Pluto

Do not fail your complicated mission

Never ever ever give up

but always survive the ghostly horrors.

Soar like an everlasting eagle beteen the silver and sparkling stars.

Eric Austin, Cambridgeshire

Go, ship, up in space

Go my winged rocket

Go my flying dragon

Go up and up and up

Take with you your wings

Do not crash into space ships

Move like a fire breathing dragon through the air

[this poem had no name, but was by a young boy who was there with his mum and sister – please tell us if you know who this is!]

This Poem

This poems zooms into space.

This poem is like a purple snake.

This poem is caller Starscraper.

This poem is like a sparkly star.

This poem is brown and ginger.

This poem is as ruby as a ruby.

Tis poem shines


I met an alien,

On the planet Squooge

I said

“What is more horrible than a pot of stewed onion?

What is more disgusting than old lady’s knickers?

What is ghastlier than a tornado?

What is more valuable than a tiara that turns you upside down?”

The alien stuck out its tongue and said:

“A pot of stewed slime,

A pair of socks never washed,

A cloud that has a cold,

A crown that turns you downside up”

Sarah D

This Poem

This poem jumps about the Earth

This poem is like a pink bird

This poem is called Space Shuttle

And it zooms beyond the wizard’s castle.

This poem is like a moon of Saturn

This poem is gold and silver and violet.

This poem is as beautiful as a red ruby

This poem glistens in the black night.

Rosie Sirerns

My Poem

This poem is a dangerous cheetah.

This poem flies in the galaxy just like a voyage.

This poem sparkles in the moonlight just like the sparkling star.

This poem jiggles in the Universe just like a snake.

This poem rules all.

Suhail Hanif

My Riddle from Space

I met a silver robot,

On an asteroid,

I said, “what is more crispy, then a bowl of iceberg lettuce?”

“What is more soft, than a pair of slipper socks?”

“What is more dull, than a vast grey rain cloud?”

“What is more sparkling, than a clear cut diamond?”

The silver robot marched towards me with creaking limbs, and then replied,

“A sheet of shiny foil, is more crispy than a bowl of iceberg lettuce,”

“A cotton wool cloud, is more soft than a pair of slipper socks,”

“A person asking stupid questions, is more dull than a vast grey rain cloud,”

“I am more sparkling, than a clear cut diamond.”

Naomi Chamberlain

My Riddle from Space

I met a robot in space

I said

“What is lighter than a plum?

What is prettier than a sock?

What is soggier than a raindrop?

What is nicer than a present?”

The robot fell over and then replied

“O, Nothing is lighter than a plum

A Sticker is more pretty than a sock.

Orange juice is soggier than a raindrop.

Trousers are nicer than a present.”

Holly Claughton

This poem pirouettes over the snowy mountains.

This poem is like a turquoise peacock prancing and showing off to males.

This poem is called Captain AOP3 and it soars beyond the end of the world.

This poem is like a sizzling comet and it fizzles like a crackling bonfire.

This poem is crimson and sapphire and azure.

This poem is as priceless and a shimmering emerald.

Imogen Grant

Go, ship, to the alien galaxy

Go my ghostly ship through the graveyard

Go my earth lover and run from the destroyed world

Take with you the memories of good earth

Dive into a new world adventure

Do not return to the ways of the old

Never ever ever destroy another life habitat

But always keep the ways of the new

Dance my dolphin through the ocean of space to a place of good peace.

Niamh McGuire, age 11

I met a Martian from Venus,

I asked, ‘What is rounder than a circle?’

I met a Venutian from Mars,

I asked, ‘What is straighter than a line?’

I met an Earthling from Mercury.

I asked, ‘What is smaller than a point?’

I met a Mercurian from Earth.

I asked, ‘What is larger than a parabola?’

I met an immortal.

He knew the answers.

But we ran out of time.

Mike Senior, aged 30.