Dr Anne Stillman, Clare




Biographical Information

I teach Practical Criticism, literature of the nineteenth and twentieth century (mostly poetry), Shakespeare. Some Part II papers I teach for include: American, Shakespeare in Performance, the Moralists, History and Theory of Literary Criticism, and Lyric.

The practice of reading aloud, collaboration in performance, experiment in translation, are all elements that matter to me for teaching and for making work.  (Maud: a Monodrama)

Research Interests

Voice; verse form; lyric; performance; the possibility of poetic drama, especially Samuel Beckett and Shakespeare. The intersections between philosophy and poetry. Translation. French verse. Lyric poetry and the city (tentatively titled): urban pastoral (Wordsworth, Baudelaire, T.S. Eliot, Walter Benjamin & Frank O’Hara). Wittgenstein and faces. Puppets, marionettes and toys. Nonsense. 

Areas of Graduate Supervision

My current graduate students are working on: Samuel Beckett's figurations; Samuel Beckett's poetry; lyric poetry and margins; Walt Whitman and Frank O’Hara; J.H. Prynne; nonsense and the comic body (T.S. Eliot, Edward Lear). Recent graduates have worked on Beckett and Dante; fragments and fragmentation in Mallarmé and others.

Selected Publications

  • 'Eleven Pipe Dreams for the Mirlitonnades', Black Box Manifold no.16 (Summer, 2016)
  • 'T. S. Eliot Plays Edward Lear', in Edward Lear and the Play of Poetry, edited by James Williams and Matthew Bevis (Oxford, 2016), 260-280 
  • 'T. S. Eliot's One Poem', The Cambridge Humanities Review, Lent term 2016, Issue 11
  • 'Benjamin's Way', The Cambridge Quarterly 45, 1 (2016), 68-78
  • 'Samuel Beckett's Lyrical Ballads', Thinking Verse, IV, i (2014), 110-139 
  • 'Making up Life', Essays in Criticism, 63 (2013), 494-502
  • 'Distraction Fits', Thinking Verse, II (2013), 27-67
  • 'T.S. Eliot', Great Shakespearians, edited by Adrian Poole (Continuum, 2012), 57-104
  • 'Frank O'Hara and Urban Pastoral', The Cambridge Quarterly 40, 4 (2011), 375-384
  • 'Ezra Pound', in T. S. Eliot in Context, edited by J. Harding (Cambridge, 2011), 241-251
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  • 'Brains' (Neuroscience and Philosophy), The Cambridge Quarterly 39, 1( 2010), 76-84
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