Prof Drew Milne, Corpus Christi



Research Interests

Comparative drama, poetry and critical theory, with an emphasis on modernism and its legacies in contemporary writing, especially Samuel Beckett, and aspects of Renaissance drama, such as Shakespeare in performance. Current research projects include studies of: ecological poetics and politics; performance and performance criticism; modernist poetics; Shakespeare in performance; Marxist literary theory; contemporary poetry and poetics; and recent British drama.

Areas of Graduate Supervision

Eco-poetics and Ecocritical Theory; comparative drama, political theatre and performance analysis; Marxist Literary Theory; Modernism and legacies of modernism in contemporary writing. Some authors of special interest include: Samuel Beckett, Gertrude Stein, Mina Loy, Djuna Barnes, Hugh MacDiarmid, W.S. Graham, Frank O'Hara, I.H. Finlay, Muriel Spark, John Cage, Susan Howe, Harold Pinter, and Caryl Churchill. More loosely defined areas of interest include contemporary British and American poetry and poetics; Shakespeare in performance; and modern Scottish writing. 

Selected Publications

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