Dr John Colley, St John's




Biographical Information

I took my degrees at Oxford before coming to St John's as a research fellow in 2023. I'm currently pursuing two projects. The first is an edition of an anonymous early Tudor translation into English of Sallust's Bellum Catilinae. The second is a new monograph project in the fields of classical reception and Renaissance drama.

Research Interests

The classical tradition in Renaissance English literature; neo-Latin; book history.

Selected Publications

Peer-reviewed journal articles

– 'A Lost Ballad Found: "A Lamentable Songe of the Daugtor of Iephtha" (c.1567–68)', Studies in Philology, forthcoming

– 'Diodorus Siculus in the English Quattrocento: New Light on the Source of Skelton’s Bibliotheca historica’, Medium Ævum, forthcoming

– 'Xenophon in English: The Sources of William Barker's Education of Cyrus', Notes and Queries 70 (2023), 146–51 [open access]

– 'Thomas Elyot and the Translation of Galen', Review of English Studies 74 (2023), 619–34 [open access]

– 'Henrician Homer: English Verse Translations from the Iliad and Odyssey, 1531–1545', Translation and Literature 31 (2022), 149–78

– 'Chaucer’s “Ebrayk Josephus” and The House of Fame', Studies in the Age of Chaucer 43 (2021), 45–74

– 'Branding Barclay: The Printed Glosses and Envoys to Alexander Barclay’s Shyp of Folys (1509)', Philological Quarterly 99 (2020), 147–70


Peer-reviewed book chapter

– '“Et melles en semble”: Literariness and a Trilingual Recipe Collection from Late Medieval England', in Recipes and Book Culture in England, 1350–1600, ed. Carrie Griffin and Hannah Ryley (Liverpool: Liverpool University Press, forthcoming July 2024)



– review of James Bradley Wells, HoneyVoiced: A Translation of Pindar’s Songs for Athletes (London: Bloomsbury, 2024), in Translation and Literature 33 (2024), forthcoming

– review of Chris Preddle, Sappho: Songs and Poems, Translated from the Greek (Belfast, 2022) and Diane J. Rayor and André Lardinois, Sappho: A New Translation of the Complete Works (Cambridge, 2023), in Translation and Literature 32 (2023), 225–32

– review of Stephanie Burt, After Callimachus: Poems (Princeton, 2020), in Translation and Literature 31 (2022), 374–80

– 'Roman Greatness', Cambridge Quarterly 50 (2021), 401–7 [a review of John-Mark Philo, 'An Ocean Untouched and Untried': The Tudor Translations of Livy (Oxford, 2020) and Nigel Mortimer, Medieval and Early Modern Portrayals of Julius Caesar: The Transmission of an Idea (Oxford, 2020)]

– 'Quoting the Bard', Cambridge Quarterly 49 (2020), 96–101 [a review of Regula Hohl Trillini, Casual Shakespeare: Three Centuries of Verbal Echoes (London, 2018)]