Dr Mina Gorji, Pembroke




Biographical Information

I was born in Tehran and grew up in London. Having completed a BA in English at Trinity, Cambridge, I went on to do graduate work at Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford where I took an MPhil in Romanticism and a DPhil. I then held a Career Development Fellowship at Wadham College, Oxford and after that a Fellowship by Examination at Magdalen College, Oxford. I am currently a University Senior Lecturer in English and Co- Director of the Centre for John Clare Studies.

Research Interests

My main research interests are in the literature of the eighteenth and nineteenth century, especially poetry, and I have an abiding interest in the poetry of John Clare.  My current project is a study of Romantic Listening, an exploration of the forms and significance of listening in Romantic period poetry.  Other interests include literary language, environmental poetics, working-class poetry, literature and popular culture, materiality and sound, shorter lyric forms (including nursery rhyme) and the writings of Christina Rossetti. I am also a practicing poet with an interest in contemporary poetry.  My first collection, "The Art of Escape", will be published by Carcanet in 2020.

Areas of Graduate Supervision

Eighteenth-century and Romantic literature and culture. Authors of particular interest include: Clare, Keats, Wordsworth, Byron, Burns, Hone, Hazlitt, Rossetti. Areas of Interest include: working class literature and print culture, poetics, literary allusion, polite and popular culture, literary language, nature writing, pastoral, canon formation, literature and national identities, primitivism, Lyric. I contributes to teaching and supervision for the MPhil in 18th Century and Romantic Studies.

Selected Publications

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