Dr Ross Wilson, Emmanuel




Biographical Information

I was born in Salford and brought up in Manchester, where I attended Philips High School and Bury College. I was educated at Emmanuel College, Cambridge, and University College London before completing my doctorate at Cambridge in 2004. I held a Research Fellowship at Emmanuel (2004-7) and a Leverhulme Early Career Fellowship in the Faculty of English, Cambridge (2007-9) before being appointed to a Lectureship in Literature at the University of East Anglia in 2009. I returned to Cambridge in 2013 as Lecturer in Criticism in the Faculty of English and was a Fellow of Trinity College from 2013 until 2019, before rejoining Emmanuel, where I am a Fellow once again.

I work chiefly on the history, theory, and practice of literary criticism and on Romantic and Victorian poetry. My latest book is Critical Forms: Forms of Literary Criticism, 1750–2020, published by Oxford University Press in September 2023. My writing has appeared in ELH, New Literary History, New German Critique, Romanticism, European Romantic Review, the Times Literary Supplement, the Los Angeles Review of Books, and other venues. I have been on BBC 4 talking about Alexander Pope and the Thames, on BBC Radio 4 talking about Lord Byron as a student, and on BBC Radio Cambridgeshire regaling commuters with discussions of Lord Byron (again), literary love letters, and much else besides.

You can see my full CV here.

Research Interests

The history, theory, and practice of literary criticism; Romanticism; poetry in English from 1750 to the present; 'animacy' and artworks; literature and theology; literature, politics, and ethics.

Areas of Graduate Supervision

I welcome enquiries concerning postgraduate supervision in the areas suggested by 'Research Interests' above. Examples of the topics of dissertations that I have supervised or examined at doctoral level (not all at Cambridge) include: contemporary siege literature; Adrian Stokes and lapidary aesthetics; Ludwig Wittgenstein and the philosophy of translation; the fate of practical criticism; Percy Shelley and enlightenment; the late nineteenth-century essay; Henry James and the sonic imagination. I have supervised dissertations on a still wider range of topics at M.Phil. level.

Selected Publications


Critical Forms: Forms of Literary Criticism, 1750–2020 (Oxford University Press, 2023)

Shelley and the Apprehension of Life (Cambridge University Press, 2013; pbk 2016)

Editor, The Meaning of ‘Life’ in Romantic Poetry and Poetics (Routledge, 2009)

Theodor Adorno (Routledge, 2007). Chinese translation: Chongqing University Press, 2016; Turkish translation: FOL, 2023

Subjective Universality in Kant’s Aesthetics (Peter Lang, 2007)

Essays and book chapters

‘Clare and the Sublime’, in The Cambridge Companion to John Clare, ed. by Sarah Houghton-Walker (Cambridge University Press, forthcoming)

‘More than Justice: Balance and Persuasion in Hazlitt’, in Persuasion after Rhetoric, ed. by Yasmin Solomonescu and Stefan H. Uhlig (Oxford University Press, in press)

‘Shelley in the Overgrowth’, in Shelley for Our Times, ed. by Kate Singer and Omar F. Miranda (Cambridge University Press, in press)

‘“The Most Vivid Poetry”: The Bible and/as Poetry in Shelley and Byron’ and ‘Passages and Commentary: Shelley and Byron’, in The Bible and Literature: Enlightenment to Romanticism, ed. by Stephen Prickett and Elisabeth Jay (London: T&T Clark, in press)

‘The Postscript’, in Walter Pater and the Beginnings of English Studies, ed. by Charles Martindale and others (Cambridge University Press, 2023), pp. 104–17

‘Hear Here: A Homophone in English Poetry’, English Literary History, 90 (2023), 549–75

Preface to Yaşamın Diyalektiği: Adorno’yu Anlamak [Dialectic of Life: Understanding Adorno] (FOL, 2023), Turkish translation of Theodor Adorno (see above under ‘Books’)

Afterword to special issue: ‘Reading Shelley on the Bicentenary of his Death’, ed. by Will Bowers and Mathelinda Nabugodi, European Romantic Review, 33 (2022), 753–57

‘Strange Designs: Byron, Shelley, and Ottava Rima’, in Byron Among the English Poets, ed. by Claire Bucknell and Matthew Ward (Cambridge University Press, 2021), pp. 172–86

‘“We Manufacture Fun”: Capital and the Production of Affect’, in Affect and Literature, ed. by Alex Houen (Cambridge University Press, 2020), pp.100–115

‘The Hidden Seeds of Survival’, New Literary History, 49 (2018), 149-63

‘Shelley’s Plato’, in The Routledge Handbook of Translation Studies and Philosophy, ed. by Philip Wilson and Piers Rawling (Routledge, 2018)

‘Ruskin/Browning, Alpenstock/Hatchet’, in The Labour of Literature in Britain and France, 1830-1930: Authorial Work Ethics, ed. by Marcus Waithe and Claire White (Palgrave Macmillan, 2018)

‘Henry James at Any Rate’, Henry James Review, 38 (2017), 250-59

‘Hegel and the Matter of Poetry’, Textual Practice, DOI: 10.1080/0950236X.2016.1218686 [published online 21 October 2016]

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‘Clare’s Indistinct Array’, Romanticism, 17 (2011), 148-59

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‘Shelley’s Sounds of Air’, Thinking Verse, 1 (2010), http://www.thinkingverse.com

‘Introduction’, in The Meaning of ‘Life’ in Romantic Poetry and Poetics (see above under ‘Books’), pp.1-12

‘Poetry as Reanimation in Shelley’, in The Meaning of ‘Life’ in Romantic Poetry and Poetics (see above under ‘Books’), pp.125-145

‘Voluptuousness and Asceticism in Adorno’, in ‘Writing Pleasure Now’, special issue of German Life and Letters, ed. by Lucia Ruprecht and Michael Minden, 62 (2009), 270-83

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‘Coleridge’s German “Absolutism”’, in Coleridge’s Afterlives, ed. by James Vigus and Jane Wright (Houndmills: Palgrave, 2008), pp.171-87

‘Aesthetics’, in Adorno: Key Concepts, ed. by Deborah Cook (Stocksfield: Acumen, 2008), pp.147-60

‘Coleridge and the Life of Language’, Coleridge Bulletin, n.s. 27 (2006), 38-44

Reviews and other writing

Over forty reviews and essays in: British Journal of Aesthetics; CAM; Cambridge Quarterly; Coleridge Bulletin; Frieze; Keats-Shelley Journal; The Liberal; Literature and Theology; Music & Letters; New Statesman; Radical Philosophy; Review of English Studies; Romantic Circles Reviews and Receptions; Textual Practice; The Times Literary Supplement. Full details available on request.

Television and radio

Numerous contributions to ‘Ignorance Amnesty’, Thordis at Drivetime, BBC Radio Cambridgeshire, November 2017–

Contribution on love letters, Thordis at Drivetime, BBC Radio Cambridgeshire, 14 February 2018

Contribution on Lord Byron, Thordis at Drivetime, BBC Radio Cambridgeshire, 20 November 2017

In Search of Arcadia [contribution on Alexander Pope and the Thames], BBC4, 9 August 2017

‘Lords and Sizars’ [contribution on Lord Byron at Trinity College], Student Life Through the Ages, BBC Radio 4, 22 April 2016


Co-editor, Romantic Circles Reviews and Receptions