Amelia Louks, Peterhouse

Degree: PhD
Course: 1830-PD
Supervisor: Prof Steve Connor
Dissertation Title:

Olfactory Ethics: Smell and Discrimination in Modernity

Biographical Information

I hold a first class degree in English Literature from the the University of Exeter and a Masters degree with distinction in Issues in Modern Culture from UCL. I'm studying for a PhD in the Criticism and Culture strand and I work primarily on English Literature and Critical Theory, but my work is interdisciplinary, drawing on Philosophy, Linguistics and Sociology. I am interested in the senses--particularly smell and taste--and my PhD examines the role of olfactory language and perception in the construction of personal and group alterity. My research attends to olfactory prejudice towards a number of marginalised groups and I draw from a wide corpus of post-1945 authors and theorists. 

Research Interests

My interests lie primarily in twentieth-century literature (including Modernism, Late Modernism and Postmodernism), though I am also interested in the Proto-Modernist and Contemporary periods. My work occupies a space at the intersection of critical theory and sensory studies. Thematically, I am interested in affect, discrimination, abjection, sensation, trauma, perception, embodiment, and ethics. 

Areas of Supervision

I am supervising for a number of papers and a diverse selection of dissertations, and I would be interested in offering supervision for:

Part IB Paper 7A (English Literature and its Contexts, 1830–1945)

Part IB Paper 7B (English Literature and its Contexts, 1870–present)

Part II Paper 12 (Contemporary Writing in English)

Part II Paper 15 (The Ethical Imagination)

Part II Paper 16 (History and Theory of Literary Criticism)

I welcome anyone interested in my areas of expertise to contact me to discuss dissertations, essays etc.