Desmond Huthwaite, Fitzwilliam

Degree: PhD
Course: 18CR
Supervisor: Dr Rebecca Barr
Dissertation Title:


Terror and the TransGothic


Biographical Information

I did a BA in English and German Literature at Warwick, then an MPhil in 18th-century and Romantic Studies at Cambridge, where I still somehow am.

Research Interests

18th century/Romantic-related: 18ct science and philosophy; material and dress culture; the queer eighteenth century; embodiment and (human, textual) bodies; criticism in all its forms; the concept and sociology of literature in the 18ct; the 1790s; both Shelleys; Erasmus Darwin; most women authors; Gothic.

Not 18th century/Romantic-related: feminism; anything queer/gay/lesbian/trans/sexy/gendery; the literature/philosophy of clothes, fashion and photography; Kathy Acker; contemporary poetry; literary criticism (especially literary reviewing, the essay, memoir, ‘creative criticism’); Gothic and goths; much (except Hegel) Germanophone literature and cinema, but especially (respectively) Kafka and Jelinek, and Fassbinder and Herzog.

Selected Publications

My greatest contribution to scholarship in my field is this history-cum-taxonomy of the word ‘saucebox’ in the eighteenth century.

More recently I have published “More and More Fond of Reading”: Everything You Wanted to Know about Transgender Studies but Were Afraid to Ask Clara Reeve. Humanities 202110, 98.