Olivia Krauze, Trinity

Degree: PhD
Course: English
Supervisor: Dr Daniel Tyler
Dissertation Title: 'Violent Emotions' in the Nineteenth-Century Realist Novel, c. 1850-1900

Biographical Information

I hold a BA in English with German from the University of Southampton and MSt in English from Magdalen College, University of Oxford. In 2020, I started my PhD in Cambridge, funded by a Trinity College Research Studentship.

I am currently Editor-in-Chief of the interdisciplinary journal Romance, Revolution and Reform (RRR).

Aside from my academic work, I am a keen theatre-maker with a special interest in movement-based theatre.

Research Interests

My PhD thesis centres on the concept of ‘violent emotion’ and its workings in the novel, 1847-1895. I situate these literary instances within a larger emergent discourse of nineteenth-century medical writing on the emotions, seeing the realist novel in particular as testing and extending contemporary ideas thereon in ways which increasingly challenge previous conceptions of intense emotional experience, in literature and beyond. 

My interests more broadly include: the history of emotions, affect theory, the medical humanities, sexuality and queer studies, and the novel tradition in England and Russia.

Selected Publications

Articles and Book Chapters

  • '(Un)muzzled: Dogs in Mid-Nineteenth Century Fiction’, Journal of Victorian Culture (forthcoming)
  • 'Editorial: Feeling in the Long Nineteenth Century', Romance, Revolution and Reform, 6 (forthcoming)
  • '"A place perfectly accordant with man’s nature": Violent Spaces in the Fiction of Thomas Hardy', Identifying Spaces and Places: Interdisciplinary Essays on the Relationship between Identity and Place, ed. by Teresa Cutler-Broyles, Stefano Rozzoni and Beitske Boonstra (Emerald Publishing, 2022) 
  • '"The Quintessence of Bliss": Pornography, Violence and the Formation of Homosexual Identity in Teleny, or The Reverse of the Medal', Oxford Research in English, 12 (2021), 152-174

Other Publications

  • Review of The Novel in Russia and England, 1800-1880 by Anna Berman', Cambridge Quarterly, 52.3 (2023)
  • Guest post 'On the Aura: Medicine meets Spiritualism in the Nineteenth Century', The History of Emotions Blog (QMUL, 2023)