Rebecca Marks, Peterhouse

Degree: PhD
Course: 18CR
Supervisor: Dr Sarah Haggarty
Dissertation Title:

William Blake and Michelangelo: Influence, Adaptation, and 'The Florentine Original'

Biographical Information

After graduating with a first in English Literature, three prizes, and a scholarship from Exeter College, Oxford, I completed an MA in Italian Renaissance art at the Courtauld Institute in London. 

Research Interests

My PhD research is centered around the influence of Michelangelo on the poet-painter William Blake. The research is interdisciplinary, drawing from both English Literature and History of Art. 

Broader research interests: English art criticism in the long eighteenth century; the reception of Renaissance Italian art in England; synaesthesia; ekphrasis; material texts; imagetexts; visual storytelling

Figures of interest: John Ruskin; Walter Pater; Sir Joshua Reynolds