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Month: September 2015

Cambridge Literary Festival 28/29 November

Includes readings by Neel Mukherjee, David Mitchell and Ali Smith. Full details here:WB22Gzmi_400x400

New Equipage Publications

E    Q    U    I    P    A    G    E

c/o  Rod Mengham,  Jesus College,  Cambridge, CB5 8BL, U.K.


time dust

 Ian Patterson, Time Dust, A4  36pp (price £6.00 including p&p)

John Kinsella, A Failure to Fully Confess: An Activist Poem, A5  48pp (price £4.50 including p&p)

 John Wilkinson, Courses Matter-Woven, A4  24pp (price £6.00 including p&p)

 Luke Roberts, Left Helicon, A5 48pp (price £4.50 including p&p)

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