May 2021

Mark McGurl, ‘Everything and Less: Fiction in the Age of Amazon’ (forthcoming Verso, October 2021), and

Unspeakable Conventionality: The Perversity of the Kindle‘, Modern Language Quarterly, September 2016


January 2020:

Gabriel Flynn, ‘Rockets and Blue Lights‘, The White Review, May 2020

Teju Cole, ‘The Digital Afterlife of Lost Family Photographs‘, New York Times, April 16, 2016

Ali Smith, ‘Green’, originally a talk at the Courtauld, transcribed and anthologised in Creative Criticism, eds. Stephen Benson and Clare Connors (2014)


Oct 2016:

Amy Hungerford, ‘On Not Reading David Foster Wallace’ (from Making Literature Now)


Feb 2016:

Hilton Als,  ‘Tristes Tropiques’ (from White Girls)


May 2014:

Robert Eaglestone, ‘Contemporary Fiction in the Academy: A Manifesto’


April 2013:

Graham Huggan, The Postcolonial Exotic


March 2013:

Giorgio Agamben,  ‘What is the Contemporary?


Feb 2013:

Nicholas Dames, ‘The Theory Generation


Jan 2013:

Franco ‘Bifo’ Berardi’, The Uprising