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Month: June 2013

Pilkington Prize for Jenny Bavidge

Congratulations to Jenny who has won a Pilkington Prize in recognition of her work developing Masters in Creative Writing and Advanced Subject Teaching at the Institute for Continuing Education.

Writing South Africa Now

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books ‘in tangible form’

So, on the one hand, the dematerialisation of the e-book, and on the other, lavish subscription (‘kickstarted’) artefacts such as this new anthology of science flash fiction from the Brookyn-based Gigantic, featuring Jonathan Lethem and Lynne Tillman.  Closer to home, London’s Test Centre publishes ‘tangible’ books and spoken word LPs by writers like Chris Petit, Iain Sinclair, Stewart Home and Tom McCarthy.



A.M. Homes, a ‘very American writer’


Carrying on our discussion about ‘global’ and ‘national’ literature . . .

A.M. Homes has just won the 2013 ‘Women’s Prize’ for May We Be Forgiven.  The Guardian  asked if she had set out to write a ‘Great American Novel’: ‘Homes says she’s thought about this, and did once look up the way that that phrase was first intended. “It was not meant as a critical judgement – ‘Oh, this is a great American novel’ – but great as in expansive, and far reaching, and so in that sense, absolutely, very much, I think of myself, in positive and negative ways, as a very American writer.”‘

Far-reaching but only so far then.

Paul Theroux

Paul Theroux reads from The Last Train to Zona Verde on 3rd June at 7pm at Emmanuel United Reform Church.

A WordFest Event.




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