Medieval Research Seminar (17 Feb)

A reminder that the third Medieval Graduate Research Seminar of the term will be this Wednesday (17th Feb) in the Board Room at the English Faculty, 9 West Road.

Dr Laura Saetveit Miles (Associate Professor, University of Bergen) will be speaking on ‘Mary as Hermeneutic Key’:

“Though their texts are very different, the writings of Julian of Norwich and Christine de Pizan (in her City of Ladies) both feature the Virgin Mary as a powerful figure. This talk will explore how we must turn to the Annunciation scene to unlock the full significance of the Virgin in visionary discourse, and how these two authors, in turn, utilized the conception of Christ in Mary’s womb as an interpretive key that enables them to fully realize their visions’ radical meanings.”

The paper will begin promptly at 5.15, followed by drinks and questions. Cake will be available in the Board Room from 4.45p.m., so please bring along a mug of tea and catch up with fellow medievalists.

After the paper all are welcome to join the speaker for dinner at Sala Thong. If you are a graduate, you are especially welcome, so please do come. Please let Alex da Costa (ad666) know if you would like to come so they can book the right sized table.