Medieval Research Seminar: Shirley Zhang and Conor Leahy (Wed 27 Apr)

The first Medieval Graduate Research Seminar will be this Wednesday (27 April)  in the Board Room at the English Faculty, 9 West Road. Papers will begin promptly at 5.15, followed by drinks and questions. Cake or biscuits will be available from 4.45p.m., so please bring along a mug of tea and catch up with fellow medievalists.

27 April:
Shirley Zhang, ‘Reinterpreting justice: judicial combats and rash promises in Malory’s “Book of Tristram”
Conor Leahy, ‘Skelton’s Early Enemies’

We will be going to India House afterwards for dinner. It would be especially nice if graduates came to support and talk further with the speakers, so please do come!

Next Seminar:

11 May:
Brianna Dougher, ‘A Lord of In-between: bridging disjuncture in the legend of Hereward’
Marcel Elias, ‘Blasphemy and the failure of the crusades in middle english romance’