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Forum: Our Readers Respond

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  • Gordon Teskey 3 years, 3 months ago

    I offer this nervously, as it is not a critical response or an engaging engagement. Nor do we want, I suppose, to make a habit of extravagant praise even where deserved. But what a fantastic issue this is. Scholarly but wide-angled and cool. I've been interested in Tottel recently--Paul A. Marquis, Stephen Hamrick and others have suddenly brought that anthology back into view. But I was surprised to learn of the extent of this revival, as I did from Stephanie Lethbridge's review, properly citing her own book in a note, which I am grateful to have knowledge of. But there's so much else: masterly reviews by Monika Fludernik, Julia Renhard Lupton, Christopher Burlinson, Andrew Hadfield and others (whom I've not read yet but will), the amazing piece by Brian Vickers on Martin Wiggins' catalogue of British drama, 1533-1642, Paul Hecht's essay on Melissa Sanchez's work, which I only wish were longer, despite its pith, and Heather James's pathbreaking essay on Book V. I've not done a survey recently, but it's hard to imagine a more vital journal in Renaissance poetry than this one.

    So Sunday is going well.

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    • David Lee Miller 3 years, 3 months ago

      Posting this for Brian Vickers:

      "I'm glad that Gordon Teskey enjoyed this issue, and thank him for mentioning my review. However, I think that the epithet 'amazing' should be prefixed to the name of Martin Wiggins, not mine."

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