Dr Jacqueline Tasioulas, Clare



Research Interests

Middle English literature; medieval Scots; Chaucer; legends of Adam and Eve; medieval science; literature and the visual arts.

Areas of Graduate Supervision

See Above.

Selected Publications

  • J Tasioulas, "'Heaven and Earth in Little Space' The Foetal Existence of Christ in Medieval Literature and Thought", Medium Aevum 76.1, 2007, 24-48
  • J Tasioulas, "Science", Chaucer: An Oxford Guide ed. Steve Ellis, OUP, 2005, 174-189
  • J Tasioulas, "Science", Chaucer: An Oxford Guide, ed. Steve Ellis, Oxford University Press, 2005, 174-89
  • J Tasioulas, The Apocryphal Lives of Adam and Eve co-editor, Brian Murdoch., University of Exeter Press, 2002
  • J Tasioulas, "The Franklin’s Prologue and Tale", Longman, 2000
  • J Tasioulas, The Makars: An Anthology of Medieval Scots Poetry, Canongate, 1999, 843
  • J Tasioulas, "The Wife of Bath's Prologue and Tale", Longman, 1998, 93
  • J Tasioulas, "Between Doctrine and Domesticity: The Portrayal of Mary in the N-Town Plays"", Medieval Women and their Communities, University of Wales/Toronto Press, 1997, 222-245
  • J Tasioulas, "Michael J. Enright, ‘Lady with a Mead Cup’", Medium Aevum LXVI, 1997, 169