Dr Rod Mengham, Jesus



Research Interests

1930s and 1940s; contemporary fiction and poetry; Dickens; contemporary art

Areas of Graduate Supervision

Nineteenth and twentieth century fiction; 1930s; 1940s; modernism; contemporary poetry and fiction (mainly British, but with interests also in some American and Australian writing).Contributes to teaching and/or supervision for the American MPhil and PhDs on literary subjects in the post-1830 period.

Selected Publications

  • Rod Mengham, 'Bad teeth: British Social Realism in Fiction', in British Social Realism in the Arts since 1940, Ed. David Tucker, Palgrave, 2011, 81-102
  • '"A Free hand to Refuse Everything": Politics and Intricacy in the Work of J.H.Prynne', in A Manner of Utterance: The Poetry of J.H.Prynne, Ed. Ian Brinton, Shearsman, 2009, 69-82
  • Rod Mengham and Sophie Gilmartin, Thomas Hardyâ??s Shorter Fiction, Edinburgh University Press, 2007
  • Rod Mengham, "Fictionâ??s History: Adam Thorpe", British Fiction Today, Ed. Rod Mengham and Phililp Tew, Continuum, 2006, 177-185
  • Vanishing Points: New Modernist Poems, Ed. Rod Mengham and John Kinsella, Salt, 2004
  • Altered State: the New Polish Poetry, Ed. Rod Mengham, Tadeusz Pioro and Piotr Szymor, Arc Publications, 2003
  • Rod Mengham, "The Writing of Iain Sinclair", Contemporary British Fiction, Ed. Richard Lane, Rod Mengham, and Phililp Tew, Polity Press, 2002, 56-67
  • Rod Mengham, Charles Dickens (Writers and their Work series), Northcote House, 2001
  • Rod Mengham, "Broken Glass", The Fiction of the 1940s: Stories of Survival, Ed. Rod Mengham and Neil Reeve, Palgrave, 2001, 124-133
  • Rod Mengham, Unsung: New and Selected Poems (second edition), Salt, 2001
  • Rod Mengham, "1973 The End of History: Cultural Change According to Muriel Spark", An Introduction to Contemporary Fiction: International Writing in English since 1970, Ed. Rod Mengham, Polity Press, 1999, 123-134
  • Rod Mengham, The Idiom of the Time: the Writings of Henry Green, Cambridge University Press, 1983