About Us

The Research Group for Eighteenth-Century and Romantic Studies brings together members of the English Faculty at the University of Cambridge who work on the literature, culture and history of the late-seventeenth, eighteenth, and early-nineteenth centuries. Our aims are to promote research, collaboration and intellectual community.

Our blog provides a regularly updated guide to seminars, conferences and lectures in the faculty and further afield, as well as information on publications and current research by group members.  Information on our eighteenth-century and romantic studies graduate seminar and annual graduate conference can also be found here.

If you would like more information on the Research Group for Eighteenth-Century and Romantic Studies please contact us.

For prospective post-graduate students, the English Faculty here in Cambridge offers an MPhil in Eighteenth-Century and Romantic Studies. For more information, please follow this link. For information on studying for a PhD at the Faculty, please follow this link.



Our Images:

All images used on this site are displayed courtesy of the National Gallery of Art, Washington.

Detail from Thomas Rowlandson, ‘The Times’ [1783?]
Detail from William Hogarth ‘Harlot’s Progress’ (1732)
Detail from Jean-Jacques de Boissieu ‘The Temple of Vesta’ (1774)
Detail from Circle of Jan Van Kessel ‘Study of Birds and Monkey’ [1660-70?]
Detail from William Blake ‘The Last Supper’ (1799)
Detail from Thomas Rowlandson ‘Botheration’ (1793)
Detail from Hendrik de Meyer II ‘Rustic Watermill in a Gothic Ruin’ (1778)