About Us

The Research Group for Eighteenth-Century and Romantic Studies brings together members of the English Faculty at the University of Cambridge who work on the literature, culture and history of the late-seventeenth, eighteenth, and early-nineteenth centuries. Our aims are to promote research, collaboration and intellectual community. Our Twitter feed publicizes forthcoming events (both in Cambridge and further afield), funding opportunities, and other news. Our Blog features occasional writing by graduate students and other members of the group on research-related topics. Other pages here provide details of our Graduate Research Seminar and the annual Cambridge Graduate Conferences.

If you would like more information on the Research Group for Eighteenth-Century and Romantic Studies please contact us.

For prospective post-graduate students, the Cambridge English Faculty offers an M.Phil. in Eighteenth-Century and Romantic Studies. For more on this course, please see the M.Phil. page on this site and, for more detailed information, follow this link. For information on studying for a PhD at the Faculty, please follow this link.



Detail from Thomas Rowlandson, ‘West Room and Dome Room, in the Old University Library, Cambridge’ (1800), courtesy of the National Gallery of Art, Washington.