Senior Faculty:

Dr Ruth Abbott
Dr Jamie Baxendine
Dr Karen Collis
Dr Philip Connell
Professor Peter De Bolla
Dr Caroline Gonda
Dr Mina Gorji
Dr Sarah Haggarty
Dr Nick Hardy
Dr Sarah Houghton-Walker
Professor Simon Jarvis
Dr Ewan Jones
Dr Louise Joy
Dr Stacey McDowell
Dr Amy Morris
Dr Thomas Owens
Dr Fred Parker
Dr Sophie Read
Dr John Regan
Dr Corinna Russell
Dr Christopher Tilmouth
Dr Anne Toner
Dr Jennifer Wallace
Dr Hazel Wilkinson
Dr Ross Wilson
Dr Laura Davies
Dr Joseph Hone


PhD Students and Research Topics:

Marc Mierowsky – *The Voice of the People: Representing the Public, 1678-1707*
Tess Somervell – *Time and eternity in Milton, Thomson, and Wordsworth*
Christopher Townsend – *Romantic Berkeley: Berkeleian Thought in Blake, Coleridge, Wordsworth*
Katherine Wakely-Mulroney – *’Where You Cannot See to Read’: Memorisation and Mental Space in the Work of Isaac Watts and Lewis Carroll*
Alex Wright – *Literary History and Historia Literaria in England, 1688-1788*
Chao-Chi Yen – *‘By Distance Ruralised’: Memories and Rural Visions in William Wordsworth and John Constable*
Oliver Melvill – *Education and Reading after Rousseau*
Jessica Lim