Renaissance Graduate Seminar

PROGRAMME 2017-2018

All Senior Members, Graduate Students, and Academic Visitors Welcome

Easter Term 2018

8 May
Jonathan Post (UCLA), 'Walking with Vaughan in /Silex Scintillans/'

22 May
Elizabeth Scott-Baumann (King's College, London), 'Hester Pulter: circles, sonnets, stairs'


Lent Term 2018

5.15pm, Faculty of English

Tuesday, 23 January - GR04
Pat Palmer (Maynooth University, National University of Ireland)
‘“Hollow Caue[s]” and Talking Castles: The Politics of Conquest and Resistance in Irish and English Country-House Poetry.’

Tuesday, 6 February - GR06/07
Matthew Woodcock (University of East Anglia)
'Early Modern Translations of Julius Caesar's Commentaries and the Fashioning of Military Identity’

Tuesday, 20 February - GR06/07
Ceri Sullivan (Cardiff)
'The Playscripts of Early Modern Prayer’

Michaelmas Term 2017

5.15pm in G-R04, Faculty of English

Tuesday, 17 October
Andrew Hadfield (Sussex)
‘Lying, testimony, and murder in early modern England: the case of Annis and George Dell (1606)’

Tuesday, 31 October
Kylie Murray (Cambridge)
‘Elizabeth Melville and the poetics of desire in early modern Britain’

Tuesday, 14 November
Jason Scott-Warren (Cambridge)
‘Distributing Donne’

Easter Term 2017

5.15pm in G-R06/07

Tuesday, 09/05/17
Julie Sanders (Newcastle)
'Fire, flood, ice and inundation: environmental event and narrative description in the early modern period'

Tuesday, 23/05/17
Hero Chalmers (Cambridge)
'Rhetoric and Restoration in Margaret Cavendish's Orations of Divers Sorts (1662)'

Lent Term 2017

5.15pm in G-R06-07

Tuesday, 31/01/17
John Gillies (Essex)
The conversational turn in Shakespeare

Tuesday, 14/02/17 - CANCELLED
Kylie Murray (Cambridge)
Elizabeth Melville, Lady Culross (c.1578-c.1640) and the poetics of desire in early modern Britain

Tuesday, 28/02/17
David Hillman (Cambridge)
Farewell as welcome (and vice versa) in Antony and Cleopatra

Michaelmas Term 2016

5.15pm in G-R06-07

Tuesday, 18/10/16
Sue Wiseman (Birkbeck)
‘Wheatcroft’s Written World’

Tuesday, 01/11/16
Andy Kesson (Roehampton)
‘Peculiar houses: building public theatres in Elizabethan London’

Tuesday, 15/11/16
Jonathan Sawday (Saint Louis)
'Bermudas or Bahamas? Andrew Marvell and the Eleutherian Republic’

Easter Term 2015

Dr Regina Schwartz, Northwestern University

Tuesday, 26/05/2015
"The other syde of the lefe": textual surfaces in early modern England
Dr Lucy Razzall
University of Cambridge

Lent Term 2015

The normality of the poet, Gascoigne to Jonson
Michael Hetherington

Radical politics and the theology of Milton's Masque
Debora Shuger

Shakespeare’s voice
David Schalkwyk

Childbirth Poetics in Milton and Pulter
Ruth Connolly

Michaelmas Term 2014

'Epics, objects, and interruptions'
Jane Grogan (University College, Dublin)

‘“Places in the Court”: Gender, Rank and Service in The Duchess of Malfi’
Michael Neill (Auckland)

‘Sir Philip Sidney’s Treatise of Horsemanship’
Micha Lazarus (Cambridge)

'Restful forms: verse form and memory in the lyric poetry of Wyatt and Surrey'
Chris Stamatakis (University College, London)


Easter Term 2014

6 May 2014
'Performing Children in Renaissance England'
Bart van Es (Oxford)

20 May 2014
'Imitatio and Style in the Sixteenth Century'
Colin Burrow (Oxford)


Lent Term 2014

28 January 2014
All is (Not) True: Cymbeline’s Much Ado about Nothing, Noting, (K)not Knowing, and Counterfeiting
Patricia Parker (Stanford)

11 February 2014
'Hail muse, etcetera!'
Laurie Maguire (Oxford)

25 February 2014
'When critics were scholars: literature and the humanities from the King James Bible to the "Battle of the Books"'
Nick Hardy (Cambridge)

11 March 2014
'Editing as "amends-making": James Cancellar and Elizabeth I's Godly Meditation of the Soule'. 
Oliver Wort (Cambridge)


Michaelmas Term 2013

15 October
‘Sermons, Plays and Note-Takers: Hamlet Q1 as a *Noted* Text’
Tiffany Stern (Oxford)

22 October
‘Skill, Style, and Freedom’
Jeff Dolven (Princeton)

12 November
Binding Language in Measure for Measure
John Kerrigan (Cambridge)

26 November‘
Embodying Song in Early Modern England’
Katie Larson (Toronto)

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Seminar Convenors: Gavin Alexander, John Kerrigan, Hester Lees-Jeffries, Raphael Lyne, Subha Mukherji, Sophie Read, Jason Scott-Warren, Chris Tilmouth