A Literary Quiz

Retaining facts and information is only a small part of a literary training. The main aim of the Faculty's work is to encourage imaginative and critical habits of mind, rather than to provide students with factual information. Computers, however, are not very good at testing imagination, since they have none themselves. The following quiz is meant to be fun, and to help test whether or not you have grasped some of the concepts which the virtual classroom may have passed on to you. Almost all of the answers to the questions can be found on the Faculty Website.

  1. Click the red button next to each answer you think is correct.
  2. You can have a guess, but the machine will penalise wrong answers.
  3. If you check the wrong red button, simply click the correct one to change it.
  4. You can 'pass' on questions which you do not know. If you make a guess and then decide to pass, just click the lit red button.
  5. When you have finished, click the "Mark Quiz" button at the end of the test. Your score will appear below it, and all correct answers will be lit with a green button. You get ten marks for each correct answer, so 100 is perfect.

This page was created by Colin Burrow.