Miss Alison Hennegan, Trinity Hall



Biographical Information

I read English as an undergraduate at Girton College from 1967-70. The Ph.D. which I began in 1970 ('Literature and the Homosexual Cult, 1890-1930') was permanently interrupted by a move into gay politics, journalism, and broadcasting. I have been teaching Cambridge undergraduates since the late 1970s, but for many years I combined that with work in literary journalism, broadcasting, and publishing. I was Literary Editor of 'Gay News' from 1977-1983, worked for the feminist publishing house, The Women's Press, from 1984-1991, and was a regular diarist, reviewer and columnist for The New Statesman during the 1980s. Not surprisingly, so much first-hand experience of how and why words get into print (or fail to) informs my teaching and research.

Research Interests

Nineteenth century fiction (with a special interest in more off-the-beaten track authors, especially but not only women); Victorian and Edwardian popular culture; juvenile fiction from c. 1850-1960; the English Decadence with an especial interest in Wilde; the importance of ancient Greece and Rome for the Victorians and Edwardians; British Literature and the First World War; twentieth century fiction, with a special interest in gay male and women writers (including E.M. Forster, Wilfred Owen, Katherine Mansfield and Virginia Woolf), and in writing responding to the Second World War. In broad terms, three main concerns underpin my work: an interest in the many ways in which literature, gender and sexuality constantly intersect; a fascination with the infinitely varied accommodations which 'presents' seek to make with their historical and cultural pasts; and an affection for the quirky and unexpected, in writers, readers, and the societies they inhabit and shape.

Areas of Graduate Supervision

I contribute to teaching for the M.St, the M.Phil, and Ph.D. work. I regularly supervise graduate work on Katherine Mansfield, Virginia Woolf, May Sinclair and Charlotte Mew.

Selected Publications


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