Dr Jean Chothia, Selwyn



Research Interests

My research is concerned with dramatic language; with drama and performance;and with stage censorship. Published research includes work on English drama 1890-1940; French theatre in the 1890s; Naturalism and Realism on the stage; Eugene O’Neill; Orson Welles, New Woman plays; radio drama; silent cinema; Victorian / Edwardian Shakespeare; Sean O’Casey. I am currently writing on the staging of crowds and insurgency.

Areas of Graduate Supervision

Drama and theatre - most periods but particularly 1880-1940 - English, Irish, American, French. 1890s, Edwardian, 1930s writing, particularly documentary forms and the photographic image. Shakespeare in Performance. Some American poetry and fiction.Contribution to teaching and/or supervision for the American MPhil and PhDs on literary subjects in the post-1830 period

Selected Publications


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