Dr Mary Newbould, Faculty of English




Biographical Information

I'm a Senior Research Associate in my role as an Investigator on the Sterne Digital Library: an AHRC-funded project run in collaboration with Northumbria University, Cambridge University Library, and the Laurence Sterne Trust to digitise key examples of Laurence Sternes work and of Sterneana. I am currently a Bye-Fellow of Pembroke College. 

I’ve also been a Director of Studies and a Supervisor in English at various colleges for several years. My main teaching areas are literature and visual culture of the long eighteenth century (1660-1870) and Shakespeare, and I have previously lectured on Shakespeare, Romantic literature, and Gothic fiction at the Faculty of Education. I hold the Qualification as a Maître de conférences qualified to teach at French universities.

Research Interests

My research interests sprawl across eighteenth-century literature and visual culture. I specialise in how parody and adaptation allow creative material to shift between genres, art-forms and languages (mainly French) within the contexts of its appearance. The principal focus of my work on eighteenth-century 'afterlives' is Laurence Sterne (1713-1768), whose reception in Britain and beyond can be gauged by exploring Sterneana: the numerous and varied adaptations his writing has inspired from 1760 onwards in text, image, and performance. The Sterne Digital Library is an open-access resource that makes key examples of this material freely available to all users, with introductions provided by internationally renowned scholars. 

I continue to publish and present papers on Sterne's critical and creative legacies, and I take an active role in the international Sternean scholarly community. I’m an editor of The Shandean, a long-running journal dedicated to this author’s life, work, and times. I hosted a major conference celebrating the 250-year anniversary of Sterne's death and the publication of A Sentimental Journey through France and Italy at Jesus College, Cambridge in March 2018. I have co-edited a collection of essays on A Sentimental Journey with W.B. Gerard, due to be published in 2021. I have spoken about Sterne on BBC Radio 4's 'In Our Time' hosted by Melvyn Bragg, and on BBC Radio 3's 'Free Thinking'

Other research interests include eighteenth-century travel narratives, the culture of country house tourism, and the literature it generated. I also work on different aspects of eighteenth-century aesthtics, including the relation between word and image in William Hogarths visual narratives. Most recently, I have written on how concepts of temporality and spatiality, partly inspired by Lessing, helped to shape eighteenth-century fictional narrative techniques. My newest book project explores how epistolarity, comic dynamics, and tourist experiences generate sociability in travel narratives. I also regularly contribute reviews of recent publications on eighteenth-century literature to The Scriblerian


My personal project page: https://sternelegacies.com/

Sterne Digital Library project page: https://sternedigitallibrary.wordpress.com/

Sterne and Sterneana, Cambridge Digital Library: http://cudl.lib.cam.ac.uk/collections/sterne/1

Selected Publications


Edited Collections:

  • Laurence Sterne's A Sentimental Journey: "A Legacy to the World", ed. with W.B. Gerard (Bucknell University Press, forthcoming 2021)
  • Adaptation and Digitisation in the Long Eighteenth Century: Sterneana and Beyond, ed. with Helen Williams, special feature of 1650-1850: Ideas, Aesthetics, and Enquiries in the Early Modern Era (Rutgers, forthcoming 2022)

Chapters in books:

  • ‘“Whose picturd Morals charm the Mind / And through the Eye correct the Heart: Re-writing the pictorial narrative of A Harlots Progress, in Neo-Georgian Fiction: Reimagining the Eighteenth Century in the Contemporary Historical Novel, ed. Jakub Lipski and Joanna Maciulewicz (Routledge, forthcoming 2021)
  • ‘“Contact Incarnate” and “Touching Fiction” in Laurence Sterne and Sterneana’, in Defining and Redefining Space in the English-Speaking World: Contacts, Frictions, Clashes, ed. Fanny Moghaddassi, Ghislain Potriquet and Anne Bandry-Scubbi (Newcastle: Cambridge Scholars, 2016), pp. 167-82
  • ‘Wit and Humour for the Heart of Sensibility: The Beauties of Fielding and Sterne’, in The Afterlives of Eighteenth-Century Fiction, ed. Daniel Cook and Nicholas Seager (Cambridge University Press, 2015), pp. 133-52
  • ‘A “new order of beings and things”: Caricature in Sterne’s Fictional Worlds’, in Hilarion’s Asse: Laurence Sterne and Humour, ed. Anne Bandry-Scubbi and Peter de Voogd (Newcastle: Cambridge Scholars, 2013), pp. 37-52


  • ‘Gothic piles and cynical follies revisited: A quizzical tour through country house literature of the long eighteenth century’, Nordic Journal of English Studies, 17.1 (2018), 85-119
  • With Melvyn New, ‘Reconsidering a Sternean Attribution: Cambridge University Library’s “Sterne Volume”’, The Library, Vol. 18, Issue 4 (December 2017), 478-86
  • The Rape of the Whisker and Fuzwhiskiana: Re-grooming Pope’s Rape of the Lock in early nineteenth-century Cambridge’, Philological Quarterly, 95.1 (2016), 125-48
  • With Helen Williams and Siv Gøril Brandtzæg, ‘Advertising Sterne’s Novels in Eighteenth-Century Newspapers’, The Shandean, 27 (2016), 27-57
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  • ‘“The utmost fluidity exists with the utmost permanence”: Virginia Woolf’s un-Victorian Sterne’, Woolf Studies Annual, 16 (2010), 71-94
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  • ‘Sex, death and the aposiopesis: Two early attempts to fill the gaps of Laurence Sterne’s A Sentimental Journey’, Postgraduate English, 17 (2008), web
  • ‘Shandying it Away: Sterne’s Theatricality’, The Shandean, 18 (2007), 156-70
  • ‘“For the Good of the Nation”: “Unkle Toby and Corporal Trim”’, The Shandean, 17 (2006), 85-92

Reference Works:

  • 'Laurence Sterne', Oxford Bibliographies, ed. with Paul Goring (forthcoming 2021)
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