Prof Nicolette Zeeman, King's



Research Interests

My most recent monograph is Arts of disruption. Allegory and Piers Plowman (OUP). This book looks at the 'disruptive' allegorical traditions that lie behind the poem, but also attempts to lay out something of an alternative history of allegory. I continue to work on the narrative forms and spirituality of Piers Plowman. Currently I am also working on the hybrid and highly dialogic figure of personification/prosopopoeia in later medieval texts: why was a figure so problematic today (at least explicitly) so imaginatively productive in the Middle Ages? I have two longer term projects, one on philosophical relativism and dialogism, and the other on how the medieval theories of idol shape understandings of the body and selfhood in the Middle Ages; this last will involve visual and sculptural materials. Other research interests include allegorical narrative, 'paradiastole', dialogue, the subject, religious and devotional writing, the lyric, theories of image-use and idolatry, and medieval literary theory, as well the French tradition and Chaucer.

Areas of Graduate Supervision

Medieval English literature; Piers Plowman; the Middle English lyric; devotional writing and practice; pastoral writing; Old French and Middle English love literature, both narrative and lyric; medieval literary theory, commentary and allegory; personification/prosopopoeia; theories of the image, idolatry and iconoclasm.

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Selected Publications

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