Dr Paul Hartle, St Catharine's




Research Interests

Restoration; poetry; travesty; seventeenth century

Areas of Graduate Supervision

Contributes to teaching and/or supervision for the Medieval and Renaissance Literature MPhil.

Selected Publications


  • "'all his workes sir': John Taylor's Nonsense", Neophilologus 86, 2002, 155-69
  • "'Fruition was the Question in Debate': pro and contra the Renaissance Orgasm", The Seventeenth Century 17, 2002, 78-96
  • "Hunting the Letter: Middle English Alliterative Verse and the Formulaic Theory", Peter Lang, 1999, 466
  • "Review, "Chaucerian Tragedy"", 1999
  • "Lawrels for the Conquered: Virgilian Translation and Travesty in the English Civil War and its Aftermath", Reinventing the Middle Ages and the Renaissance: construction of the medieval and Early Modern Periods, Ed. William F Gentrup, 1998, 127-46
  • "Quaint Epigrammatist: Martial in Late Seventeenth-century England", 79, 1995, 329-51