Prof Peter De Bolla, King's



Biographical Information

Peter de Bolla has been Professor of Cultural History and Aesthetics since 2009. He has been a visiting Professor in Siegen, at Vanderbilt and New York University.  He is currently Chairman of the Faculty Board of English and Director of the Cambridge Concept Lab which is housed in the Cambridge Centre for Digital Knowledge at CRASSH.

Research Interests

Eighteenth Century British cultural history; the history of aesthetics; conceptual history; philosophical aesthetics; digital knowledge.

Areas of Graduate Supervision

Eighteenth century literature; Wordsworth; visual culture of the enlightenment; topics in the history and theory of criticism, especially Kant, Post Structuralism, Cavell; the history of concepts. Contributes to teaching and/or supervision for the MPhil in 18th Century and Romantic Studies and the MPhil in Criticism and Culture

Selected Publications

    • The Architecture of Concepts: The Historical Formation of Human Rights, Fordham University Press, 2013
    • Aesthetics and the Work of Art, Ed. Peter de Bolla and Stefan Uhlig, Palgrave, 2008
    • The Fourth of July and the Founding of America, Profile Books, 2007
    • Land, nation and culture 1740-1840: Thinking the Republic of Taste, Ed. Peter de Bolla, Nigel Leask and David Simpson, Palgrave Macmillan, 2005
    • The Education of the Eye: painting, landscape and architecture in eighteenth-century Britain, Stanford University Press, 2003
    • Art Matters, Harvard University Press, 2001
    • The Sublime: A Reader in British Eighteenth-Century Aesthetic Theory, Ed. Peter de Bolla and Andrew Ashfield, Cambridge University Press, 1996
    • The Discourse of The Sublime: Readings in History, Aesthetics and the Subject, Blackwell, 1989
    • Harold Bloom: Towards Historical Rhetorics, Routledge, 1988; reissued 2014