Dr Rod Mengham, Jesus




Biographical Information

Rod Mengham is Reader in Modern English Literature in the Faculty of English and Curator of Works of Art at Jesus College

Research Interests

1930s and 1940s; modernism; contemporary fiction and poetry; contemporary art

Selected Publications

  • Rod Mengham, 'Judging the Distance: Fiction with Europe in Mind' in British and Irish Fiction since 1940, ed. Peter Boxall and Bryan Cheyette, Oxford University Press, 2016
  • Rod Mengham, Chance of a Storm [poems], Carcanet, 2015
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  • Rod Mengham, 'Walkers not Marchers: the scope of walking in Upward's late fiction', in Edward Upward and Left-wing Literaray Culture in Britain, ed.Benjamin Kohlmann, Ashgate, 2013
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