Dr Siddharth Soni, Jesus




Biographical Information

I studied English at University of Delhi before coming to Cambridge to read for my PhD. Upon completion, I joined CRASSH (Centre for Research in Arts, Social Sciences, and Humanities) and CDH (Cambridge Digital Humanities) as the Isaac Newton Trust Research Fellow. In 2021, I was elected to the University Open Research Steering Committee.

Research Interests

My research interests are within postcolonial literature, world literature and theory, translation theory, and critical approaches to the archive. My PhD, completed at Cambridge, was a study of the short story form in India. It intervened in many critical debates around the politics of form, genre, realism, experimentalism, multilingualism, and the relationship between literature and political movements. I am currently at work on a monograph that builds on it, titled ‘Short Story in India’. In 2023, my concurrent book-project ‘Monstrous Archives’ won the 2023 Ideas Prize. It will be published by Profile Books. This book examines the rationalities of archive technologies in the light of colonialism. More about me is on my CRASSH profile.