Dr Sophie Read, Christ's



Biographical Information

Sophie Read was born in Oxford and educated at the Colchester County High School for Girls and Queens' College, Cambridge, where she also did her graduate work. She became a College Teaching Officer at Christ's in 2006, and a Lecturer in the Faculty of English in 2010. She lives a long way up Cambridge's only hill with her husband, Jonathan, and Pushkin, their cat.

Research Interests

Seventeenth-century devotional poetry & sermons; renaissance rhetoric (particularly wordplay), poetics & cognitive linguistics; literary representations of the senses, particularly smell; contemporary (Cambridge-school) poetry.

Selected Publications

  • Eucharist and the Poetic Imagination in Early Modern England (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2013)
  • ‘Ambergris and Early Modern Rhetorics of Scent’, The Seventeenth Century, 28 (June 2013), 221-37
  • 'Rhetoric and Rethinking in Bentley's Paradise Lost', Cambridge Quarterly, 41 (2012), 209-28
  • 'Punning and Identity in Swift', Swift Studies, 26 (2011), 38-60
  • 'Acts of Articulation: Veronica Forrest-Thomson and Allusion', Kenyon Review online special issue, December 2009 (http://www.kenyonreview.org/kro/vft/Read.php)  
  • 'Lancelot Andrewes's Sacramental Wordplay', Cambridge Quarterly, 36 (2007), 1-21