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Yosser_hughes Today Margaret Thatcher died, no doubt prompting numerous new books, films, and sentimental summings up. But I’ve been trying to think what, to date, we might consider the most memorable responses to Thatcherism. Boys From the Blackstuff made a big impression on me back in 1982 (although I haven’t seen it in a while); I wonder if that’ll be shown again in tribute! Never mind – Yosser’s Story is on YouTube:

Or, if you’ve only a minute or two:

Post by Kasia Boddy


  1. Kasia Boddy

    Might have to spend Wednesday bathing prophylactically in Barthes . . . ‘the capital sin in criticism is not ideology but the silence by which it is masked.’

  2. Mark Wormald

    My immediate response to your post was to think — and in doing so to recognise how swiftly she has been supplanted by the myth she had already by then become — of The Line of Beauty, and her appearance at the Feddens’ house party, where Nick Guest asks her to dance….I’ll have to find the phrase tomorrow — writing this from home.

    Thank you for breaking the news of her death. Contemporary indeed!

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