The first MATERIALS reading this term, and the tenth in the series
overall, will take place on Thursday 23rd October at the Judith E.
Wilson Drama Studio, English Faculty Basement, Cambridge, 7.30 for 8pm.
DELL OLSEN will read alongside the visiting American poet JUDITH
GOLDMAN, who is in town for one month only.


Dell Olsen's publications include 'Book of the Fur' (2000), 'Secure
Portable Space' (2004) and 'punk faun' (2012). "designed for everyday
life but mostly out of range / between various small fires nightly on TV
a dog".

Judith Goldman has published 'Vocodor' (2001), 'Deathstars/rico-chet'
(2006) and 'The Disposessions' (2009). "I died of a chief delight. fare
thee well, crackpot."


Copies of work by the poets and various other small-press material will
be available on a book-table on the night. BYOB.

Contact David Grundy ( or Lisa Jeschke (
for any further questions.