Cambridge Medieval Palaeography Workshop (22 May)

Cambridge University Library (Milstein Seminar Room), 2-4pm

‘The problem of dating manuscript witnesses for editors of texts and those studying the history of textual dissemination and reception’

Professor Jill Mann will use her current research (editing the Speculum stultorum of Nigel of Longchamps), to raise questions about dating manuscript witnesses to texts, especially where the manuscripts in question have not yet received close attention from palaeographers. This workshop will focus upon specific examples from Professor Mann’s own research as well as upon the methodological issues involved (whatever the text and dates of the surviving manuscripts) and what available published material might be of assistance.

The Cambridge Medieval Palaeography Workshop is a forum for informal discussion on medieval script and scribal practices, and on the presentation, circulation and reception of texts in their manuscript contexts. Each workshop focuses upon a particular issue, usually explored through one or more informal presentations and general discussion. All are welcome.

Convenors: Teresa Webber, Orietta Da Rold, Suzanne Paul and David Ganz

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