Bylaws of the International Spenser Society

Bylaws of the International Spenser Society


Dues for the Spenser Society are currently US $28 per year; students, emeriti/ae faculty, and independent scholars pay a reduced rate of US $18 per year. Any member who shall not have paid his or her dues by December 31 shall be considered to have resigned his or her membership. But any member who has resigned or who has become delinquent in the payment of his dues shall be reinstated as a member immediately upon the payment of dues for the current year.


At such time as may seem appropriate the Executive Committee shall, on the basis of a poll of the general membership, cite one or more scholars who have made notable contributions to Spenser scholarship.


The President shall preside at the Annual Meeting and at meetings of the Executive Committee, shall direct the call of meetings of the Executive Committee upon his or her own initiative or upon the request of any two of the other officers, shall name a replacement for any officer who is unable to serve, and shall promptly act on any matter properly referred to him or her by the officers between meetings of the Committee. The Vice-President, in the President's absence, shall preside at the Annual Meeting and at meetings of the Executive Committee, and upon the death or resignation of the President, shall himself or herself become President. The Secretary shall act also as Secretary of the Executive Committee, shall at the direction of the President call all meetings of the Committee, shall within one month of any Committee meeting issue minutes to the members thereof, shall conduct the general correspondence of the Society, and shall have such charge of the arrangements for the Annual Meeting as the Executive Committee may direct. The Treasurer shall be the custodian of all funds, shall call for and collect dues, shall pay all bills properly incurred, shall prepare a proposed budget by January 31, and shall submit his or her records for audit by the Executive Committee whenever the Committee so directs.


Each year the Executive Committee shall prepare a slate of nominations for President, Vice-President, and three new members of the Committee. These nominations shall be reported at the Annual Meeting of the Society. Nominations from the floor shall also be called for. The members shall then proceed to an election. A person receiving a clear majority of the votes cast shall be deemed to have been elected.


The Annual Meeting is open to nonmembers, but only members may vote upon Society business.


Any amendment of these Bylaws shall take effect immediately upon approval by two-thirds of the members present at the Annual Meeting, provided that it shall have been presented by mail to the entire membership at least one month before the date of this meeting.

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