Cambridge Bibliographical Society meeting


The next event in our calendar will be a talk by Dr Nick Hardy (Munby Fellow, 2016-17), entitled ‘New evidence for the drafting, revision, and intellectual context of the King James Bible (1611)’, on Thursday 26th January.

Dr Hardy’s talk will offer the first holistic treatment of several crucial sources for the creation of the King James Bible that have been discovered or rediscovered in the years since 2011. Taken together, these sources allow us to see for the first time how an individual biblical book (the apocryphal 1 Esdras) was drafted by a group of translators, and then revised once the Bible was nearing completion. They also show how the translators’ decisions were shaped by the philological, historical and theological questions which they were asking about the origin and significance of the Old Testament Apocrypha, and their relationship to the canonical books.

The talk takes place in the Milstein Seminar Rooms at the University Library, with tea from 4.30 and the talk beginning at 5.00. Rare books and manuscripts relating to Dr Hardy’s work will be on display.

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